U-Boat Type VII-C 1/72 Build log – Part Three

The last session left seams on saddletanks not perfectly smooth, so it took a little bit more work.

This is a layer of Tamiya basic putty thinned with acetone and applied via brush to the seam.

Saddletank seam puttied

Here is a sanded out seam (again), this time good enough to go on. Note the welds were sanded out as well. I did this so that saddletanks surface came out as neat as possible.

Saddletank seam sanded out

Next I restored the welds using stretched sprue. I glued the tip to place with ca glue first…

Tip of stretched sprue glued to place

Then stretched the sprue a bit and put the tip of glue applicator to the sprue edge. The glue then spread out under the sprue giving a clean join.

Applying glue to the edge of the sprue

Saddletank heving welds restored. The sprues will need some additional shaping to actually represent welds.

Restored saddletank welds

Priming the floodholes panel in the middle of the boards shown not so perfect result last time, so I did a bit more sanding. I also drilled board holes with 1.3mm drill to give them more even look.

Sideboard holes drilled out

I cut out stubs we put in bow holes last time and will have them puttied and sanded before making correct ones with PE template.

Cutting out plastic stubs

Speaking of non-perfect result, torpedo gates being a real tough one for me.

Sanded again torpedo gate

The piece has to fit absolutely smoothly, so I did a little more sanding on the edges. Since metal sands out slower than adjacent plastic, it’s bound to be uneven again, so this time I applied milliput to the edges.

Milliputed torpedo gate seams and bow holes

It doesn’t stick well to PE parts, but I need it to take place of the sanded out plastic. Hopefully when it’s cured I’ll be able to sand it evenly with sanding sticks.

End of Part Three.

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