U-Boat Type VII-C 1/72 Build log – Part Two

The work on board walls above saddletanks continues.

Lower edge of the cutaway walls had to be thinned closer to scale. I did it with blade side scrubbing, one of my most favorite techiques which gives quick and clean results.

Thinning out board wall edge

After scrubbing I did some lengthwise cleanup sanding.

Board walls cleanup sanding

PE set contains replacement floodholes for the middle area of the board walls. The parts’ height exactly matches height of the board wall, but I was in doubt on the strength of the wall when inserting the part and doing subsequent handling. So I filed replacements down a bit and cut a suitable slot in the board walls.

Filing down floodhole replacements

A filed down floodhole replacement. Difference in height is about 1.5 mm. Also the board wall marked for carving.

Filed down floodhole replacement

Original floodholes were cut out with some margin so that replacements look nice. You can see the border along the lower edge for which the replacements were filed down. I could probably do well without, but it does give some strength to otherwise flimsy part.

Floodholes replacement panel slot

A small drop of epoxy glue and ready to be glued board wall.

Preparing epoxy glue

Replacement floodholes part glued to place.

Replacement floodhole panel being glued

Strength of the resulting part is adequate for upcoming handling.

Replacement floodhole panel glued

Masking tape in place to protect details while putting and sanding.

Masking tape protection

Tamiya putty applied and sanded out, some ca glue applied to cover potential cracks.

Putty applied and sanded out

Test priming revealed forgotten blobs of ca glue I used to thin out the puttied edge. This will have to go. Some sanding will be needed at the sides.

Board walls after preliminary priming

Preliminary priming to check bow torpedo gates PE part alignment. Not so good yet. Sprue plastic plugs in bow openings can be seen. These will be cut down and sanded. After that new openings will be created with help of PE template.

Preliminary bow priming

End of Part Two. Please read Part Three.

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