U-Boat Type VII-C 1/72 Build log – Part Five

Well, not really a build part, but a milestone of sorts. The build was on hold while I was thinking what to do with the drain holes and also while I spent valuable modeling time building planes. This build goes on for about two years now and not because it’s that difficult. True, there is a lot to be done but I like to approach each step with sincere desire for perfection instead of pressure of hasty completion. So, I’m taking my time with this one.

About the drain holes – the straightforward option, Modelbrass is long out of production. While I was considering embarking to a wonderful journey of photoetching (which I still do) along with studying some CAD drawing to may be order a one off design, numerous online source were monitored in hope the modelbrass kit would surface somewhere. And it did. Thrice actually, in a period of two years. First time it was sold before I had time to blink, the second one auctioned way off a reasonable price, but the third time it’s mine. I’ve bought it off ebay and it’s under way to me just as I write these letters. So the boat is likely to receive a decent portion of attention at last as the drain holes replacement is the major thing was holding the build back. A Joy!

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  1. Hi! I think I found this incredible boat on britmodeler, and after searching found your blog here. It’s an inspirational build, and a great blog to follow. Any chance there are more parts on the way? I’m curious to see if you chose the wood deck over the PE one.

  2. Hey Tristan, thanks for the interest! I got so little free time to move on with my builds, that’s why it’s going so slow. The boat is a really exciting project and I hope to give it some attention soon. I’m in the middle of fitting the bow and stern drain holes there, the joy of putting the hull together is near! At this point I’m pretty sure I’ll be using the wooden deck. The texture is just unbeatable and detailing is on par with PE so I don’t think there is a real reason of going with the PE parts.

    You got some very impressive builds in your blog, I’ll take time to take a close look.

  3. I am about to start my own build of this boat too! I ordered the wooden deck but it got a bit crushed in the post, I think a bit of glue will fix it. Good luck with the drain holes, they look like a difficult fit. Cheers!

    • Must be an exciting time for you 🙂 Don’t worry about the deck, there is nothing that can’t be fixed in modeling. Will you be adding other aftermarket? There are lots of detailing kits out there for this boat.

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