P-51D Mustang Pacific VLR version 1/48 Build log – Part Two

It’s been more than a year since the previous installment of this series, so it’s probably a good time to continue.Up to this point I’ve been working on cockpit details until stumbled to a small dilemma which is about 3mm wide and 1.65mm tall. See, the Eduard 49 268 detailing kit I mentioned before contains some parts for the sighting head. I happily built most of it when it occurred to me to go and check whether this kind of sighting heads were actually used on P-51Ds stationed at Iwo Jima. Here is what I have right now:

Sighting head glass plates

A pretty gorgeous looking sight with two glass plates, starting to resemble a K-14A model. It’s just I haven’t been able to find a single photo showing K-14A sight used in Iwo Jima’s P-51Ds. Most of the photos show N-9 B-1 sight installed which looks like this:

N-9 B-1 Gun Sight

Several do show K-14B sight which is close but not too close. The K-14A sight provided by Eduard has two glass plates in a framing and a cap with ‘NO HAND HOLD’ inscription like here:

K-14A Gun Sight

while K-14B sights actually encountered in Iwo Jima’s P-51Ds have single non-framed glass plate like here:

K-14B Gun Sight

Images source: Aircraft Gunsights.

So it looks like I will have to rework my almost ready K-14A to be a K-14B.

As a side note there is a representation error on Eduard’s side. The top cover of actual K-14A reads “NO HAND” and “HOLD” in two lines. Eduard’s part reads (from what can be discerned) “NO” and “HAND HOLD” in two lines.

'NO HAND HOLD' Inscription on sighting head top cap

The cap also has chamfered corners of the forward edge while Eduard’s detail has these on the back edge. The fancy direction of prepainted photoetch frightens me a bit. I would really prefer unpainted PE with decals. Oh, well.

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