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U-Boat Type VII-C 1/72 Build log – Part One

This is my current build I’ve started a shameless amount of time ago. The model was actually a gift to my father in law who, like myself, returned to scale modeling after a long time. So we kind of building this boat together in turns. We had lots of discussions on how to build this model, looked up a lot of references, build logs, etc. At the end of the day we decided to build it as properly as we could. Continue Reading →


Ju 87B-2 Stuka in 1/48

This is my first model since teenage years when I spent a great deal of time building scale models of all sorts. It does have a number of flaws both in historical correctness and technique but hey, there were so much changes in landscape of scale modeling I had to literally learn everything anew, and that was exciting! Making this model took an indecent one and a half years, although most of that time it just sat there waiting. Anyway, it’s ready now and here are some comments someone may find useful (or silly, depending on experience). Continue Reading →