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U-Boat Type VII-C 1/72 Build log – Part Five

Well, not really a build part, but a milestone of sorts. The build was on hold while I was thinking what to do with the drain holes and also while I spent valuable modeling time building planes. This build goes on for about two years now and not because it’s that difficult. True, there is a lot to be done but I like to approach each step with sincere desire for perfection instead of pressure of hasty completion. So, I’m taking my time with this one. Continue Reading →


U-Boat Type VII-C 1/72 Build log – Part One

This is my current build I’ve started a shameless amount of time ago. The model was actually a gift to my father in law who, like myself, returned to scale modeling after a long time. So we kind of building this boat together in turns. We had lots of discussions on how to build this model, looked up a lot of references, build logs, etc. At the end of the day we decided to build it as properly as we could. Continue Reading →